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Prompt Filing of Commercial Auto Claims Can Stop Problems before They Start

Prompt Filing of Commercial Auto Insurance Claims Can Stop Problems before They Start While a driving employee may be flustered after an accident and may not be thinking of reporting the incident immediately, for you, the policyholder, the clock starts ticking the moment the accident has occurred. To ensure that the claim is dealt with in a timely manner and to prevent a number of unforeseen consequences, the sooner after an accident that you report a claim, the better. The [...]

More Firms Ban Smartphones at Work for Safety Reasons

More Firms Ban Smartphones at Work for Safety Reasons More and more employers are banning cell phones in the workplace because they are distracting enough to be a serious safety issue for workers. Most notably, General Motors has banned all employees, including its CEO, from walking around with their mobile phones while talking, texting or using other smartphone functions. You already know the dangers of using your phone while behind the wheel, as vehicular deaths have spiked [...]

MeToo Movement to Spawn Wave of Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) After revelations of sexual misconduct by a number of high-power executives, media personalities and politicians last year spawned the #MeToo movement, defense lawyers are predicting a record number of sexual harassment lawsuits will be filed against employers in the coming year. The #MeToo movement has emboldened women who have been sexually harassed, abused or worse by a work superior or co-worker to come out and tell their stories. Any employer whose workers [...]

Limit Liability During Holidays

Keeping it Safe, and Limiting Liability During Holidays With year-end festivities about to begin, limiting liability should include building safety into your holiday plans, be that if you are simply decorating the office or throwing a holiday/year-end party for your staff. Since the holiday season or your party is only once a year, it's easy to overlook safety even though you already incorporate it into the other aspects of your operations. While you obviously want your staff to relax and have [...]

Commercial Auto Insurance Rates Trending Higher

Commercial Auto Insurance You should prepare for increases in your commercial vehicle insurance coverage for 2017 as accidents, injuries and costs rise for the first time in decades and insurers make up for years of low pricing. Commercial auto insurance premiums have been trending between 6 and 10% higher since early this year and, if you're policy comes due Jan. 1 or during next year, you may see your premiums increase. Experts say that rates are increasing in nearly all commercial [...]

Trends Affecting Workers Comp

Three Troubling Trends Affecting Workers Comp While U.S. employers are seeing fewer industrial accidents thanks to more employers putting a premium on workplace safety, some emerging trends threaten to seriously affect this trend and usher in higher workers comp premiums. Today, it's not enough to just keep a safe workplace. You should have policies in place to avoid these emerging threats - and make sure management and supervisors understand their gravity. Three particularly troubling trends are as follows: Putting Too Much Emphasis [...]