Cover your most valuable investment and virtually everything in it.

Spokane Homeowners Insurance

Spokane Homeowners Insurance is designed to protect you from things that can damage your home, destroy your belongings, or hurt you financially. It covers fires, wind/hail damage, flood and water damage, theft, and more. Plus, it covers any injuries that may occur on your property, and lawsuits such as someone suing you because they were hurt at your home.

When you receive your free Spokane Homeowners Insurance quote from Inland Insurance, many of the standard coverage items will be included. Plus, you can add even more if needed. We’re standing by to guide you through your choices.

When to consider homeowners insurance

Your home is where your heart is-along with a large chunk of your net worth. This is why it’s so important that you have the right protection for this valuable investment — and that’s where we come in! At Inland Insurance, we’re dedicated to protecting and if necessary, restoring your home and valuable assets.

Homeowners insurance is a necessity for you if you own a home, vacation home, or are purchasing a home. If you own a condominium or town house, you may need condo insurance — or renters insurance if you rent from someone else. Not sure? Get a homeowners insurance quote from Inland Insurance and we’ll make sure you get the right policy.

If you have a home mortgage, your lender will likely require you to obtain insurance for your home. We can help take care of the details with your lender. Plus, in most situations, you’ll be able to combine your insurance payments with your mortgage bill.

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Your home is the centerpiece of your daily life, and likely your most valuable asset. It where you and your family spend most of your time, and where you feel most safe. We know how important protecting your home is, and that is why Inland Insurance is proud to offer the best and most competitive home insurance rates in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and the surrounding area.

When your home is damaged or destroyed, you need your claim settled by an experienced and seasoned insurance company that understands the importance of your home. Inland Insurance will help you find home insurance that best meets your needs to provide the most valuable coverage, at the most affordable price.
Regardless of the kind of home in which you reside – a house, condo, townhouse, or apartment – Inland Insurance can offer homeowners insurance or renters insurance that can give you peace of mind knowing that you are well covers if and when the unspeakable occurs. The right home insurance will provide all the funds necessary to repair or replace your home and your valuable belongings.

Do I need Homeowners Insurance?

No one wants to imagine just how devastating it can be to suffer damage or loss of their home. But, accidents and natural disasters do happen so we need to be prepared.

Whether you own or rent your home, insuring your home can help protect you financially if you should suffer a loss due to fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, or other covered events. It will also protect you in the event someone is injured while in your home or on your property.

The kind of home insurance policy you choose will depend largely on which losses are important for you to be covered, and the type of residence you live in. You choose the policy that is best for you, whether it’s a comprehensive policy that covers general losses due to fire, water, hail, smoke, vandalism, and theft of personal property, or whether the policy covers only specified losses.

Whether you own your home or condo or are a renter, we will work with you to find an insurance policy that best fits your needs. We specialize in helping you choose the insurance coverage that gives you the best value for the most affordable price.

Renters Insurance, Do I need it?

Even if you don’t own your home, it’s important to protect your valuable hard-earned possessions. Your landlord’s insurance policy typically does not cover you or your personal belongings. Renters insurance will cover things like your furniture, computers, TVs and other electronic equipment as well as your clothing. It can even protect your possessions outside of your home, in most cases. Renters insurance can also cover costs for you while repairs are made to your home or apartment.

Renters’ insurance is surprisingly affordable and can become even more so when bundled with other packages.

For more information, contact your Inland Insurance agent.